Friday, September 13, 2013

At local bookstore an found #ARCs. #HUNTED and #themorninghours

So I recently was at a local bookstore - One that I've never been into before and obviously you all know that you just HAVE to check out a store especially one that has books. While I was browsing in the YA section I fell across one that the binding looked different, one that I recognized immediately because I receive early uncorrected proofs.

Now prior to when I started this amazing adventure of book blogging I wouldn't think anything of it or I would pick it and jump up and down for joy. BUT in this case I did grab it and started looking for a pub date and sure enough it was right there on the front cover. Advance Readers Copy - Not For Sale -  January 2014. I put it in my basket and continued looking around.

Within about 5 minutes of finding the first ARC I found another. Advance Readers Copy - Not For Sale - July 2013. I obviously grabbed this one as well and by this point my head was spinning with questions and red flags.

When I began book blogging this was the very first rule I learned. Never sell ARCs whether it be print, eBook, Audio etc.

I was ready to leave by this point and I still had the two ARCs in my basket. So I went up to the gal at the register and set the books down side by side. I looked at her and said you can't be selling these and it even specifically says on the covers NOT FOR SALE ADVANCE READERS COPY. Well, she ended up informing me that they have several reviewers that they get the books from and either receive cash or in store credit. That reviewers can't sell them online but it's okay to sell them to a local bookstore.

I was appalled. Seriously! If your a reviewer receiving these awesome free books months prior to their release date and jeopardizing getting caught and removed from the list.

I love books. I love authors. I love publishing companies. And I love free books which equals me never doing something like this.

So of course I did what I needed to do. I took the books home. I emailed the contact person listed and informed them of what I had found.

Needless to say the reviewer will no longer be receiving books and the bookstore is being contacted as well. I don't like to be a tattle tale but when it comes to something like this it needs to be reported to the correct people.

The moral of this post is to tell you not too sell your books whether it's online or print copies. It doesn't matter it's piracy. Just don't do it.



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