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My reviews are honest, respectful and more importantly, based on MY opinion. I’m not “attacking” or criticizing on the author’s personal self-outside of their role. I just want to make this clear as I believe that everyone’s opinion will be different.
**IMPORTANT: I may not be able to read/review all books that I have accepted for review.

My Reviews are formatted as follows:
Name of Author(s)
Publisher Name
Date Published
The Format it’s in when I read it
Source (where I received it from)
Cover (What I think of the cover along with a cover photo)
The Writing Score (out of 5)
Recommendations (Totally Epic! I couldn’t put it down, This book was pretty legit, It was okay, Definitely not my cup of tea, DNF)
Memorable or Forgettable?
Rating (out of 5)
My Opinion (I take into account the Writing, Characters, Plot/Storyline)

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FTC Disclaimer

Since the FTC has so kindly taken to regulate bloggers I have to state that, yes I get free books and sometimes products to review. These books/products are given to me to evaluate and decide if I like them or not and then write an honest review about them that I display on this blog. I do not receive monetary compensation for these reviews and all my reviews state my honest opinion of the products/books. I am in no way swayed by any type of bribery or cajoling. My opinions are my own and will be negative or positive depending on the book or product.

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