Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Excerpt Reveal: Beautifully Chaotic by Natalie Barnes

BEAUTIFULLY CHAOTIC by Natalie Barnes is available for PRE-ORDER for 99c!

This New Adult Contemporary Romance is releasing Nov. 15th!

When he was there,
My soul finally breathed its air.
My steps became lighter,
My heart beat faster.
Having my spirit dance,
Along the broken edges
That would be soon,
Deemed our last chance…
Begging to hold,
He must have thought I was
A part of that mold.
Only breaking free,
Now caused this suffering…



“See ya, Katie.” He flashes me his grin right when the metal slams. The loud scream from his exhaust wakens his ride while I step back further. Giving him a small wave, I’m about ready to walk away when all of a sudden, I bump into someone.
“Oh, sorry,” I mumble then look up to see Claire smiling at me.
“That’s so nice. Motherfucker is actually dropping you off even though you own a beamer.” Her eyes move to his Blazer at the sound of Caleb’s exhaust blaring out of the parking lot.
“He stayed over last night.” Watching him as he takes off down the road, I feel Claire’s eyes burning a hole through the side of my head. My lip curls up, and I can’t help but tip my head at her.
“Shut the fuck up!” Claire squeals, clapping her hands, banging her chunky silver bracelets together. “He popped your cherry!”
“Claire!” Shooting my arm out, I yank down her wrist. “Shh…” Pressing my finger up to my lips, I quickly scan over my shoulders to make sure that no one around heard anything Claire said.
“What?” She waves her head to the side to brush back her hair. “Holy fuck, tell me about it!” Opening the doors, I keep my chin low but smile brightly while we walk in sync to my locker.
“I don’t know.” I shrug. “He came over last night.”
“Apparently came is the right word.” She laughs.
“Claire.” I snap my head at her but can’t help but laugh, too.
Rolling my eyes, I start working on the combination to my locker, Claire props her elbow up on the locker beside me.
“So, for real, how was it?” she leans in toward me and whispers. Not looking at her while I put my bag in, I’m able to breathe out, “Unreal…”

Natalie Barnes was born in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan on a rainy, September Thursday. She grew up on the Bay Mills Indian Reservation in Michigan’s eastern upper peninsula. 

Married with children, she started writing as a way to have downtime for herself. Never planning on publishing until her first piece was finished. That’s when it all changed.

Not even four months after publishing, “Everything I Want,” she left her full time job as Accounts Payable and took the dive into continuing her desire for storytelling. 

When she isn’t losing it with her characters, she’s jamming out or combing the backroads of the Upper Peninsula countryside. Blueberry picking to two-tracking and gathering; anything that has to do with the outdoors, she’s into. 

Natalie also has an eye for indie films. Connecting with a screenwriter a couple years ago, there’s now a screenplay based on her first novel out there. She’ll continue to see where that goes and in the meantime, plans on having screenplays written for all her tales. 

Always creating, always telling a tale one way or another. 


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