Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Review: Jaybird's Song by Kathy Wilson Florence

Jaybird’s Song by Kathy Wilson Florence
Release Date: February 6th, 2017
Publisher: Kathy Wilson Florence
Genre: Contemporary Fiction


Affectionately called “Jaybird” by the father she adores, Josie Flint’s idyllic childhood in 1960s Atlanta is defined by her role as the oldest of the three Flint sisters and crowned with the presence of her grandmother, Annie Jo— the maypole that centers the Flint family. 

Surrounding their world, however, is the turbulent South as Jim Crow laws come to an end. As Josie’s school desegregates and the country meanders through new ideas brought about by the Civil Rights movement, a personal tragedy breaches Josie’s world and shatters that perfect childhood.

Josie’s story is told from her early teenage years and 35 years later when her beloved grandmother dies. And when a long-kept secret unfolds for the Flint family, a new kind of heartache begins.

My thoughts:
Kathy Wilson Florence! Where do I even want to start? I absolutely loved how she could bring the characters and storyline and make it into a real southern story. Now, I never lived in the south so I’m not sure if this is what it’s about but it’s what I envisioned it would be.
Kathy did an amazing job at keeping the story flowing nicely especially since she was going back and forth between storylines and using two various times. I really liked that about the story and she could do it to where there wasn’t any confusion! The way that Kathy could describe each place with such vivid details it felt like I was there.

Overall, Jaybird’s Song receives five stars from me!

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  1. HI Brianna,

    What a lovely review of Jaybird's Song! Thank you so much and I am thrilled that you enjoyed it. I'm not sure how, but I missed your post when written, yet it was the first to pop up in my search today.

    I have written a second novel — it's called Three of Cups. Would you consider allowing me to forward a file for your early review? I release it July 1. Thank you so much. Kathy