Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review 5: Fyrelocke (R. Christopher Kobb)

Title: Fyrelocke

Author: R. Christopher Kobb

Publisher: MoonPepper Press

Date Published: 5/24/2013

Format: PDF

Source: ARC via Publisher

Genre: Fantasy

# of Day's to Complete:  2 Days


In a cave, deep within the cliffs of Brighton, lies a curious stone. No ordinary rock, the Fyrelocke has a dark and intricate past.

Twelve-year-old inventor Jack Boomershine believes it a practical joke when a mysterious text message directs him to it. But finding this powerful stone sets in motion an entangled clockwork of events that draws him ever deeper into an adventure in wich his inventions are useless.

As things spin out of control, Jack must find his way through a hidden world of magic with vehicles that fly themselves, a telepathic creature—and an ancient evil with an unfathomable plan, determined to ensnare Jack in it. (Cover and synopsis from Goodreads)


I would recommend Fyrelocke to any younger children, friends and family that enjoy reading a light fantasy novel. The characters had their own personalities that really stood out throughout Kobb’s novel. The way that Jack and Chase were two best friends and the way they interacted and complemented each other. The characters didn’t feel flat to me at all and the reader really gets to see different sides of them throughout Kobb’s novel. How seemingly nutso Madame Puffin is more intelligent than she lets on, or that extremely creepy Cankrots are more than just evil goons. I really enjoyed the adventurous plot with all the different twists and turns, in which, some I wasn’t even expecting. I couldn’t put Fyrelocke down and had no real problems with the pacing and Kobb was able to paint a picture in my head and I absolutely loved all of the illustrations that were scattered throughout the book.

abookandalattee’s Rating:

            abookandalattee gives Fyrelocke 4 Stars

Author Information:

R. Christopher Kobb lives in North Aurora, Illinois, with his daughter. He’s an avid reader and artist, this is his first novel. To learn more about any upcoming events and new releases, go to . If you have a Goodreads account and would like to Fyrelocke add it to your “want to read” shelf here. MoonPepper Press can be found here as well.

            Twitter: @rckobb

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