Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well I saw my neurologist/Headache doctor today. We discussed acupuncture, craniosacral, and myofacial massages. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't cover the entire visit with those so we discussed Botox. It's been brought up in previous visits and since the LP came back fine Botox is the next step to see if that'll help. The good thing is that Botox is covered by my insurance so that's the route were going.

I'm kind of nervous though, it's 32 injections around my skull an neck. It's something that I'll go in for every 3 months. The doctor gave me two different packets of information on it an I've done some research on it. I've heard good things so far, but will continue to see what negative effects it causes.

Botox? Hmmm it'll be interesting.

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