Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm officially 23 years old. Oh boy has life changed quite a bit since I was little. As I was telling Tyler the other day that sometimes I wish I could go back to when I was in elementary school, because my cousin Tracy and I would build forts under my bunk bed an play ken an barbie till the whee hours of the morning an yes there were times we did get caught an my mom wasn't to thrilled with us.

Or how we would be put in separate classes but we still found a way to communicate. WALKIE TALKIES!!!!!! Yes, they were even pink with barbie on them and we would be across the hall from one another an talk. We ended up getting caught though which wasn't a big surprise since we weren't exactly quiet about it.

Those were the days were we didn't have to worry about a darn thing, and now it's all about work, school, bills. The life of an adulthood it is.

Ohhh another thing I realized is that in June it'll be 5 years since I graduated high school. Crazy!!

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