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Review: Doc Doc Zeus by Thomas Keech

Doc Doc Zeus by Thomas Keech
Release Date: August 1, 2017
Genre: Thriller & Suspense; Medical; Crime Fiction
Publisher: Real Nice Books
Source: Smith Publicity


Still mourning the baby, she gave away a year before – and feeling rejected by the same church people who had so cheerfully arranged that adoption – sixteen-year-old Diane seems to find a supportive friend in her gynecologist, Dr. Zeus. Diane is intelligent and bold but often leaps before she looks, and now she questions why he has to examine her so often, and why he prescribes her so many drugs.
The state medical board also has suspicions about Dr. Zeus, but the official inquiry inches forward very slowly as its new investigator stumbles over his own hang-ups.

My Thought’s
Despite the title, this book is oddly disturbing and I’m not quite sure I like it. The writing was good and the characters were explained very well, but I didn’t care for Dr. Zeus one bit. He used his position a gynecologist to sexually abuse young women.
Diane, a patient of his starts to get a little suspicious about him and what he’s really been up too as their relationship goes on. I’ll let you as the reader figure out what happens next.
Overall, the writing and storyline were great. I do recommend reading this book so go pick up your copy today!

Author Q&A
1. Doc Doc Zeus is all about medical crime. Has there ever been a fictional story like this one written before?
This book might be unique in that it focuses not only on the predator doctor but also on the victim how she got caught up in the doctors evil trap, how she was affected, and how she eventually learns to trust and learn from the people around her.
2. Without giving too much away, what would you say is the main conflict in Doc Doc Zeus?
Dr. Zeuss evil manipulation of all the levers of power to indulge his sexual and financial fantasies is challenged by the dedication of a novice investigator and the surprising inner strength of his teenage victim.
3. Most books that really connect with readers speak to some universal truths. What universal truths are illustrated or discussed in your book?
The sociopaths we will always have among us, but the rest of us can limit their damage if we forge ahead, forgive ourselves for our own mistakes and do the same for those who are truly our friends.
4. Can you tell readers how your personal background and experience informed your writing of Doc Doc Zeus?
As counsel to the Maryland State Board of Physicians for sixteen years I assisted the Board as they heard charges against physicians. My work required me to have an intimate knowledge of the case, including the witness interviews, the testimony, and the hearings, as well as the procedures and trial tactics of both the prosecution and the defense.
5. Why did you choose the predator, Dr. Zeus, to be a male?
The great majority of physician sexual predators that I dealt with were male, the great majority of victims female. My guess is that either male patients are not reporting assaults by female physicians or it isnt happening that often.
6. What do you want readers to remember about your story or characters long after they have finished reading?
Diane trusted her friends and kept a fingerhold on reality even as she was being swept away by Dr. Zeus and his drugs. Maybe that happened because he parents never abandoned her. There are people even in high levels of our society whose only concept of truth is whatever is best for them at the present moment; these people are dangerous and must be watched carefully.

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Thomas Keech worked for twenty years as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland, sixteen of those years as legal counsel to the Maryland State Board of Physicians. He has also worked as a juvenile counselor, a Legal Aid attorney and lobbyist and as a state administrative law judge. His three previous novels have dealt with state politics, teenagers entangled in suburban corruption and college romance. His work has been described as “uncommonly entertaining” by Kirkus Reviews and “seriously amusing” by Publishers Weekly. The Crawlspace Conspiracy was honored as one of the year's "ten best" by the Boston Review of Books.

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